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Are you a fan of cold brew coffee? Do you want to make your own delicious cup of cold brew at home, but don’t know what is the best beans for that? Look no further. In this blog post, I will be sharing with you some essential information about finding the best coffee beans for cold brew. Whether you are a complete beginner looking to get started or an experienced enthusiast wanting to step up their game, this article has something for everyone. With enough of knowledge and practical advice on choosing and roasting the ideal coffee beans for making your perfect cold brew, let’s get brewing.

What Is Cold Brew Coffee?

What Is Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold brew coffee is a popular brewing method that involves steeping coarsely ground coffee beans in cold or room temperature water for an extended period of time, typically 12-24 hours. This slow brewing process results in a smooth, less acidic and less bitter cup of coffee, making it a preferred choice for many coffee lovers.

What Type Of Grind Is Best For Cold Brew?

Keep it simple – all you need is time and a coarse grind. Trust me, using a coarser grind makes filtering a breeze and ensures your coffee won’t taste bitter. Avoid grinding too fine, as it can heat up your grounds and mess with your cup.

What Kind Of Roast Is Best For Cold Brew?

Look no further. Dark roast coffee beans are the way to go. With their low acidity level, they keep the flavor intact. Say goodbye to bitterness and acidity, and hello to the amazing subtler notes of the bean. Get ready for a smooth and flavorful cold brew experience.

Best Coffee Beans For Cold Brew

Kenya Aa Roasted Coffee

This is a medium roast coffee with notes of blackberry, orange, and dark chocolate. Its fruity and floral flavors make it an excellent choice for cold brew, bringing out its natural sweetness without any added sugar.

Starbucks Kenya, Whole Bean Coffee

Another medium roast option, this Kenyan coffee has flavors of black currant and citrus. The smoothness and brightness of the beans make them perfect for a refreshing cup of cold brew.

Bizzy Organic Coarse Ground Coffee For Cold Brew

For those looking for an organic option, Bizzy’s coarse ground coffee is a great choice. This medium roast blend includes beans from Nicaragua and Peru, giving it a rich and bold flavor perfect for cold brewing.

Cold Brew Blend Volcanica Coffee

If you’re looking for a blend specifically designed for cold brew, Volcanica Coffee has got you covered. This medium roast blend includes beans from Colombia and Brazil, with notes of cocoa and hazelnut. Its smooth and balanced flavor makes it perfect for cold brewing.

Tiny Footprint Coffee Organic

This blend is not only delicious but also environmentally friendly. With a mix of beans from South America and Africa, it has notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and citrus. It’s also carbon-negative, meaning that for every pound sold, the company plants trees to offset their carbon footprint.

Coffee And Chicory Blend

For a unique twist on your cold brew, try using a coffee and chicory blend. This New Orleans-style blend adds a hint of sweetness and nuttiness to your cold brew, giving it a smooth and complex flavor.

Stone Street Coffee

Last but not least, Stone Street Coffee’s Cold Brew Reserve blend is specifically designed for cold brewing. It’s made with a blend of medium and dark roast beans, giving it a bold and smooth flavor with hints of chocolate and cherry. Its coarse grind is perfect for cold brewing, making the process hassle-free.

Miscela D’oro Gran Crema Espresso Beans

This Italian blend combines beans from Brazil, Colombia, and Ethiopia to create a well-balanced flavor profile with notes of chocolate and nuts. Its medium roast makes it ideal for cold brewing and its smooth finish is perfect for enjoying on a hot summer day.

How To Make Cold Brew?

Now that you know the best coffee beans for cold brew, let’s talk about how to actually make it. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide:

  1. Start by coarsely grinding your chosen coffee beans.
  2. Add the ground coffee to a jar or container.
  3. Pour cold or room temperature water over the grounds, making sure they are fully submerged.
  4. Let it steep for 12-24 hours, depending on your preference and the beans you’re using. The longer you steep, the stronger the brew will be.
  5. Once the steeping is done, strain the coffee using a fine-mesh strainer or cheesecloth.
  6. Dilute with water or milk to your desired strength and taste.
  7. Enjoy your homemade cold brew.

You can also add ice for an extra cold and refreshing cup.

What To Consider While Making Cold Brew?

To get consistently delicious results, you’ll want to use a specific brew ratio. We recommend a 1:8 ratio – 1 gram of coffee for every 8 grams of water, then dilute as needed. For a liter of cold brew in the fridge, aim for around 125g of coffee. If you like it stronger, go for a 1:4.5 ratio.

Water Source

The quality of your water will affect the final taste of your cold brew. We recommend using filtered or bottled water to avoid any unwanted flavors.

Size Of Coffee Grounds

As mentioned earlier, using a coarse grind is essential for making cold brew. The larger size of the grounds allows for a slower extraction process and prevents over-extraction and bitterness.

Water Temperature

Unlike traditional hot brewing methods, cold brew does not require any heat. Using cold or room temperature water is crucial for getting the desired smooth and low-acidity flavor. Avoid using hot water as it can cause the coffee grounds to release more oils and result in a bitter taste.

Brewing Time

The steeping time is a crucial factor in determining the strength and flavor of your cold brew. Most recipes recommend anywhere from 12-24 hours, but you can adjust it to your taste preference.

Any There Any Cons To Cold Brew?

Sure, you can’t have it right away and it takes some time, but there are awesome benefits. Cold brew stays fresh in the fridge, it’s perfect for those who can’t handle acidity, and you can even make a concentrate for future sipping. Trust us, it’s worth the wait.

When Should I Use My Cold Brew Coffee Beans?

When Should I Use My Cold Brew Coffee Beans?

Cold brew can be enjoyed anytime, but it’s especially refreshing on hot summer days. You can also use your cold brew as a base for iced coffee, or add flavors and milk to create your own unique beverage. Plus, with its low acidity level, cold brew is easier on the stomach compared to traditional hot brewed coffee. So go ahead and enjoy your cold brew anytime, anywhere. Remember to experiment with different beans and brewing methods to find your perfect cup of cold brew.

What Coffee Does Starbucks Use For Their Cold Brew?

Starbucks uses a blend of African and Latin American coffee beans for their cold brew. This blend is specifically designed to be smooth and rich when brewed cold, with flavors of chocolate and citrus. The coffee beans are also roasted on the darker side to balance out the natural sweetness and acidity of the cold brewing process. So next time you grab a cup of Starbucks’ Cold Brew, you’ll know exactly what’s in it. Overall, the choice of coffee beans for cold brew ultimately depends on personal preference. Experiment with different blends and see which one suits your taste buds best.

FAQ: Cold Brew

Can all coffee beans be used for cold brew?

Absolutely. Just grab your beloved medium or dark roast and you’re good to go. The key is the grind size, so make sure to go for coarse ground coffee.

What is the best milk for cold coffee?

Look no further than skim milk. It’s not only smooth and creamy, but it also keeps your foam floating on top for longer. Say goodbye to watery coffee.

Why is my cold brew so bitter?

Chances are, you overdid it with the extraction. If you went too long or used a super fine grind, that’s the culprit. Here’s what you can do: shorten the brew time or opt for a coarser grind if you’re using the immersion method. And for slow drip lovers, give the coarser grind a shot too. Let’s get that smooth and satisfying flavor back.

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  1. Starbucks coffee is usually a bit too dark for me to drink black but for cold brew I find that their house brew is pretty awesome. I do french press grind in a 60oz Mason jar for 24 hours on the counter, love it.

  2. we just use the Kirkland/starbucks beans from costco. i don’t think you need to overthink it.

  3. I will stand by JBC as the best local coffee roaster by a mile. I would give the Bella Carmona Guatemalan as a shot for cold brew. The roast may be just a bit lighter than you’re accustomed to, but the overall flavors from it are reminiscent of nuts, chocolate, and pie crust. I pretty much always keep a bag of that on hand because my wife prefers the smooth/nutty sorts of coffees (I prefer fruity African coffees, but to each their own, this is all good stuff).

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