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Are you looking for the perfect place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee? Look no further. Minneapolis is home to some of the best cafes in the country, offering delicious espresso drinks and lively atmospheres. Whether you’re in need of quality caffeine fix or simply wanting an interesting environment while out on the town, this list will provide great insight into where to get your coffee shop fix in Minneapolis. Let’s find out what is the best coffee shops in Minneapolis?

Intro To Minneapolis Coffee Scene

Intro To Minneapolis Coffee Scene

Minneapolis, also known as the “City of Lakes”, is a vibrant and diverse city located in the state of Minnesota. It’s no surprise that this bustling city is home to a thriving coffee culture with countless cafes scattered throughout its streets.

With such a wide variety of options, from cozy neighborhood cafes to trendy artisanal shops, it can be overwhelming trying to decide where to get your caffeine fix. That’s where this guide comes in. We’ve curated a list of the best coffee shops in Minneapolis that are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings and provide an unforgettable experience.

So grab your favorite mug, sit back, and join us as we take you on a journey through the top coffee shops in Minneapolis.

What Makes Each Coffee Shop At Minneapolis Unique?

Get ready for a cozy and friendly vibe in each unique spot. They’ve got all sorts of delicious coffee drinks, made right there in their own roastery. Plus, they’ve got plenty of non-caffeinated options too. Don’t miss out.

11 Of The Best Coffee Shops In Minneapolis To Kick-Start Your Day

Segue Coffee

Located in the Arts District, this trendy café prides itself on sourcing high-quality beans from around the world. Their menu offers a variety of espresso drinks and pour overs, as well as delicious pastries made in house.

The Boiler Room Coffee Company

This cozy coffee shop is a local favorite, known for its friendly atmosphere and delicious coffee drinks. They also offer tasty breakfast and lunch options, making it the perfect spot to start your day.

Carma Coffee

Nestled in the bustling North Loop neighborhood, Carma Coffee is a small but mighty café that serves up some of the best coffee in town. Their menu boasts a variety of espresso drinks and pour overs, as well as unique specialty drinks like their signature honey cinnamon latte.

Spyhouse Coffee Roasters

With multiple locations scattered throughout Minneapolis, Spyhouse Coffee Roasters is a must-visit for any coffee lover. Their sleek and modern atmosphere pairs perfectly with their selection of delicious coffee drinks and pastries.

Misfit Coffee

Located in the trendy Uptown neighborhood, Misfit Coffee is a cozy and inviting café that offers handcrafted coffee drinks made with beans from local roasters. They also have a selection of delicious baked goods and savory options to satisfy any craving.

Corner Coffee

This neighborhood favorite offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for catching up with friends or getting some work done. Their menu includes espresso drinks, pour overs, and delicious pastries made in house.

Frgmnt Coffee

Frgmnt Coffee is a hidden gem in the Whittier neighborhood, known for its cozy atmosphere and delicious coffee drinks. Their menu features a variety of espresso options, as well as unique creations like their lavender latte.

Wesley Andrews Coffee & Tea

For a unique coffee experience, head to Wesley Andrews Coffee & Tea in Northeast Minneapolis. This café specializes in handcrafted pour overs and offers a wide selection of loose leaf teas as well.

Cafe Ceres

This charming café in Uptown not only offers delicious coffee drinks, but also has a delectable selection of breakfast and lunch options. Their cozy atmosphere and friendly staff make it the perfect spot to start your day.

Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea

Located in the North Loop, Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea offers a wide variety of coffee and tea options from around the world. Their menu also features unique drinks such as their popular oat milk latte.

Fireroast Coffee And Wine

Fireroast Coffee and Wine is the perfect spot for those looking for both great coffee and a relaxing glass of wine. This cozy café offers a variety of espresso drinks as well as an impressive selection of wines from local wineries. It’s the perfect place to unwind after a long day exploring Minneapolis.

How To Find The Best Coffee Shops In Minneapolis?

Now that you have an idea of some of the best coffee shops in Minneapolis, you may be wondering how to find even more hidden gems in the city. One great way is to ask the locals for recommendations – they often know the best spots that may not appear on popular search engines.

Another option is to explore different neighborhoods and see what coffee shops catch your eye. Often times, the best coffee shops are the ones that have a unique atmosphere and a strong sense of community.

You can also follow local bloggers or influencers who specialize in food and drinks, as they often share their favorite spots in the city.

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Tips For Enjoying Perfect Coffee In Minneapolis

Tips For Enjoying Perfect Coffee In Minneapolis
  1. Don’t be afraid to try something new: Minneapolis has a diverse coffee scene, so don’t stick to your usual order. Be adventurous and try out different roasts or specialty drinks. You never know, you may find a new favorite.
  2. Take advantage of the local ingredients: Many coffee shops in Minneapolis use locally sourced ingredients like honey or dairy products, so be sure to ask for recommendations on the best drinks to try.
  3. Bring your reusable cup: Not only is this an eco-friendly choice, but many coffee shops in Minneapolis offer discounts for customers who bring their own cups.
  4. Take your time and enjoy the atmosphere: One of the best parts of visiting a new coffee shop is soaking up the unique ambiance. Take a break from your busy day and savor your coffee while taking in the surroundings.
  5. Support local businesses: By choosing to visit local coffee shops, you are not only supporting small businesses, but also getting a taste of the true culture and community of Minneapolis.

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  1. I used to love Spyhouse on 25th and Nicollet but apparently there are now 5 of them and they look kinda corporate. No longer a coffee house and more a cafe. Bob’s Java Hut on 26 and Lyndale is a blast during the summer. Used to be a big biker hangout, always lots of activity. Caffetto on Lyndale and 22nd has pinball machines so I love it regardless of quality.

  2. Caffeto is my favorite. They have pinball and some arcade games as well. Open till midnight. It’s like a dive bar but a coffee shop.

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